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The new Panasonic ER-GP82 is the successor of the popular ER-GP80.
This Clipper has an improved cutting knife, the X-taper 2.0 with an even longer life span!
This cutting blade has a coating of carbon fiber and titanium and a cutting angle of 45 °, this ensures that this clipper super good cut in both dry and wet hair.

Second generation carbon coating with an even higher degree of hardness.
The slim, ergonomic design with 7.5% weight reduction compared to the ER-1611 and soft, rubber surfaces ensure maximum comfort.
In terms of cutting performance: The ER-DGP82 cuts 17% more hair per second.
A powerful lithium-ion battery

The cutting length dial allows you to adjust the cutting length from 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm in 5 steps - convenient when cutting (one-hand operation).
Constant Control ensures consistent cutting performance regardless of hair density. With conventional hair clippers, the speed of the scissor blade decreases as hair density increases and flash performance decreases. With the ER-GP82, the shear rate remains unchanged for an accurate result in every hair.Panasonic's patented linear motor technology, which is unique in the world, works on the principle of the magnetic levitation train: the force is transferred to the shear blade without friction from the motor. The ingenious advantage: the ER-DGP82 always cuts with constant force, regardless of the state of charge of the battery. This allows you to work faster and safer.

Less friction
reduced generation of heat
less wear
increased lifetime

Technical data:
Charging time 1 hour, Operating time approx. 50 minutes

Weight 245 g
Hair cutter ER DGP82
3 comb attachments for 6 cutting lengths: 3/4 mm, 6/9 mm and 12/15 mm
Charging station and separate storage compartment for comb attachments
Cleaning brush, oil

Carton quantity: 5 

  • Power supply 100-240 V, battery/power supply
  • Scissors head X cone blade 2.0, carbon fibre/titanium, 5-way adjustable from 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm
  • Shear head width 45 mm
  • Cutting capacity 62,000 hairs/second* (average value according to Panasonic's internal measurement method)
  • Drive type Linear motor