Skeleton Gold

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Skeleton FX7870GE

Perfect for doing detailed work, close trimming, hair design, hair tattoos and precision cuts.
The SKELETON FX7870GE is a professional trimmer and outliner specially developed with absolute precision in mind.
Featuring a 360 degree exposed T-blade the SKELETONFX will give you complete visibility, no matter the position of the trimmer. 
The exposed blade lets you zero-gap your tool without removing the blade.

The machine is perfectly balanced for superior ergonomics and remarkably powerful. This heavy-duty professional trimmer is provided with a 40mm zero gap adjustable DLC/Titanium T-blade and a FERRARI designed EDM TECHNOLOGY motor to deliver outstanding cutting performance and precise control.

Lithium-ion battery delivers ultra-fast charging time and outstanding 2-hour cordless run time!  High power cord or cordless control.

• Zero Gap 40mm DLC/Titanium exposed T-Blade
• 7200 movements of blade per minute
• 3-hour charge time
• 2-hour run time
• LED charge indicator light > LED RED blinking - charging > LED RED - fully charged > LED RED
ashing - 10 minutes battery left
• Zero-gap adjustment tools
• Cleaning brush and lubricating oil
• Detent hanging hook

Carton quantity: 6